Tamana Gulecha Unleashed her Full Potential on WhizzKid Challenge!

Sweaty hands, pounding heart, rapid breathing? It’s stage fright! According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. The fear of public speaking or glossophobia is a complex one to overcome. But Talking Champ Tamana Gulecha tricked her brain and stole the show on February 23rd at the WhizzKid Challenge by winning the title, ‘Exemplary Child of 2019’! She is a class eight student from Ewart Girls School who lacked courage and confidence before joining MyBeeClub.

Tamana, a talented girl with a great deal of hidden potential went through an intense transformation for the last 6 months with her MyBeeClub mentors. She dramatically improved and overcame her stage-jitters with an appropriate plan, constant practice and positive thinking. The WhizzKid jury evaluated Tamana for her confidence, body language, stance, voice modulation and her response to spontaneous questions. Her speech on ‘Women Safety in India’ left the entire audience speechless.

Anitha and Nitesh were proud parents hearing the good news about Tamana receiving the ‘Exemplary Child’ award! Tamana is now an inspiring role model to other children to overcome obstacles and live meaningful lives.

This unique platform ‘WhizzKid Challenge’ was created as an equal opportunity for the 80% children who are typically left unnoticed in a school environment and also for the 20% smart learners. The challenge created by MyBeeClub, a USA based educational enterprise, saw over 4000 students participating from 40 centers and schools. It served as a great stage for students to showcase their skills.

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