A Fearless Communicator – Watch Rithvik Krishna’s Video

Watch the transformation testimonial of this fearless communicator Rithvik Krishna, a Class 6 student from MCC Matriculation School. He wasn’t the same about 3 years ago. He was shy, had low self-esteem and was not welcomed by his classmates. Today Rithvik is the ‘Class Monitor’ and a role model for his fellow students.


What transpired in Rithvik’s life in the last three years?

The icebreaker game on the first day of class was a great way to learn about Rithvik. This activity helped reduce his anxiety and engage better. Warmth and consistent affection paved way for a trusting relationship. He was bombarded with opportunities to exhibit his talent, skill and passion. Rithvik’s confidence grew as months went by; he started to express his opinion and cultivated a strong bond with his classmates. The teachers used emotional boards, a reward system, and turned into cheerleaders to help him achieve the reading and communication milestones. His fluency in communication progressed far beyond what was ever predicted of him.

To help a student realise their full potential, focus on their social and emotional health, believe in their abilities, even if they don’t believe them yet. This directly influences their possibility for success and thus unleashes their full potential.

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