World Mental Health Day 2019 | Life is Beautiful!

“Health isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about what you think and feel too.”

Mental health refers to how people think, feel and act as they face life’s situations. Our mental health affects how we handle stress, relate to one another and make decisions. Most importantly, mental health influences the way individuals look at themselves, their lives and others in their lives. Like physical health, mental health is equally important at every stage of life and something that requires our daily intervention.

Here in the 21st Century, our minds are filled with a million things all at once and we seem to be in a constant state of worry about something or the other. We often forget that our mind can only tolerate so much and when we overwhelm ourselves, that’s when trouble begins. When it comes to mental illness or emotional struggles, people rarely pay attention to it; they find it uncomfortable to share and decide to move on with it without realising the impact it can have on their lives. It’s completely normal to face emotional challenges and find yourself in a crisis. During these times, it’s important to become aware and introspect, not to be hard on yourself, try mindful exercises, talk to significant others, seek spiritual comfort, get professional help through a psychologist when required and most importantly remember that you are not alone in this journey. Break the stigma, it’s okay to not feel okay!

Today as we celebrate World Mental Health Day 2019 with a focus on suicide prevention, it’s alarming to see that research states that 90% of individuals who committed suicide were suffering from a form of mental illness; most common being depression. Unlike physical illness, signs of mental illness don’t meet the eye so easily. However, if left unresolved mental illness can become fatal. At home, at work, at school, at college, and just about anywhere in this world, there may be people around us who are suffering from various forms of mental illness. Let’s take some time to pay attention to our feelings and to the feelings of those around us every single day right from our children to our grandparents. When we see signs of someone who is struggling, unusually quiet, under conflict or down in the dumps, we need to be there and tell them how much we love them, how we value them, tell them that they are talented and unique and show them that life is beautiful. We have the power to carry hope, healing, encouragement, and new beginnings and pour it out everywhere we go.

Let’s be people who lift others up and restore them STARTING NOW!

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