Shanthi Sukumar – How This Preschool Teacher Transformed Into Entrepreneurship

I’ve heard there is an emerging word for it right now where a teacher starts a business in the educational world – the word being “teacherpreneur”. Teachers can use their classroom skills and apply them to entrepreneurial endeavors.

Shanthi is one such teacher who found business success by transferring her teaching expertise and transformed into a MyBeeClub entrepreneur. Shanthi comes with a background in Psychology and has been teaching since the last five years at various Arise ‘n’ Shine Preschool Centers. Her passion was to become an educational entrepreneur. With great support, encouragement and initial funding assistance from her spouse, Shanthi launched her MyBeeClub center in Ambattur. In just 3 months, she has enrolled 60 students. Within the first few classes she began receiving several happy parent testimonials and referrals which has led to this growth in a short span. She focused on providing an enriching experience for the children, which led way for more children to find their way to MyBeeClub Ambattur.

During this season Shanthi had to deal with few setbacks. She did not give up and took them as a learning experience and dealt with it in a healthy manner. She also did not compromise on her family time. A mother of a young child, Shanthi enjoys her entrepreneurial journey and maintains a good work-life balance. She is a testimonial of GRIT.

About MyBeeClub – It is a brain based program created to build a competent child by taking a scientific approach to understand the learning style and EQ of every child and come up with strategies to build a strong learning foundation.

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