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Empower Children through Yoga

The main goal of yoga for children is to stimulate their physical, mental and emotional abilities. Yoga extends impulses to every part of the brain, increasing and awakening its total functioning capacity. Yoga, when practiced consistently has been proved to enhance a child's memory. Many childrenface difficulties in remembering things, such problems can be minimized with the practice of appropriate yoga techniques.

Our Approach

We have designed a simple yet structured "Yoga" classes for children that focus on posture control, management and relaxation techniques that will enhance the effective functioning of the mind and ensure a healthier lifestyle. While yoga is being taught from an early age, the child's physical and mental features are considered in order to guide the child in a way that will be beneficial and not detrimental.

Outcome of Yoga Class

Effective functioning of the mind

Enhanced memory power

Gives energy throughout the day

Approach problems calmly and carefully

Positive, stress free and active

Establish a healthier lifestyle

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