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Teach your Tongue to Speak English

English is the most spoken language at a global level. A child, who speaks English fluently and communicates effectively, will have tremendous confidence and self-esteem. In today's world, English has come to play a determining factor, from making friends to a rewarding livelihood. Children younger than 12 years of age can learn to speak any language fluently because the functioning of the brain, mouth, and ear of a child allow them to perfectly mimic others speech.

Our Approach

In our interactive "Spoken English" program we assess each child's potential and learning pattern individually and develop strategies to nurture them. We apply three body parts to teach English – Brain, Mouth and Ear. The brain will coordinate the nerve messages from the ears and mouth so that they can accurately reproduce the words and sentences that others use. In Spoken English classes we initiate different motivational strategies to build the foundation for speaking English.

Outcome of Spoken English Class

Building the foundation for speaking English

Retrain the functioning of the brain, mouth and ear

Pronunciation (accent)

Experience formal and Informal communications

Grammar and Vocabulary

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