MyBeeClub™, proudly presents ‘WhizzKid — The Exemplary Child of the Year’. After the grand success of Season 1 we are back again with Season 2. We have more enthusiasm and bigger dreams in store! Get ready to unwrap the mystery in children.

Welcome to ‘WhizzKid — The Exemplary Child of 2020’. This is a unique platform to inspire MyBeeClub/Arise ‘n’ Shine (ANS) Kindergarten/School of English (SOE) students to showcase their talents to the world. WhizzKid was created to unleash the hidden potential of every child and is not a competitive event but helps build self-esteem and encourages children to take on challenges - Building Excellence over Competitiveness!

Over 9000 students from 45 centers/schools will take up the challenge and the WhizzExpert’s will declare the ‘Exemplary Child of 2020’ in each category.