WhizzKid Challenge – A unique platform for the present generation children

CHENNAI: The WhizzKid Challenge, hosted by MyBeeClub, the fastest growing educational enterprise of Arise ‘n’ Shine USA had a spectacular Season 2 with the grand finale recently held on February 29th at Hilton Chennai. This season they had over 9000 children participating from over 45 centers with over 275 children making it to the grand finale.

The event was graced by Dr. G.S. Sameeran IAS, Director of Fisheries and Dr. Alby John Varghese IAS, Deputy Commissioner and Mrs. Mangala Madhavan, Principal of The Shri Ram Universal School.

Nearly 80% of children in a classroom are deprived of the emotional support they crave for. There is a need to identify, encourage and nurture these overlooked children. ‘Arise ‘n’ Shine has modelled a unique platform to help children discover their potential and attain a strong foundation for life’ says Swabia Angeline, Vice President of Arise ‘n’ Shine.

“This platform gives a wonderful opportunity for children to move outside their comfort zone and showcase their real talent in a space without creating stress or competition which is unhealthy”, says Dr. Sameeran IAS, Director of Fisheries.

The children were assessed by prominent experts from various domains of Fine Arts, Theatre, Creative Arts, Communication and Education. ‘Giving an opportunity to every child and helping them figure out what they are good at is simply great’ shares an elated John Pradeep, Academic Dean of Evam’s Happy Cow who was on the WhizzExpert Panel.

“Believe in yourself that you are blessed” shares a young Raphael Doyle, the 11 year- old Author and Wildlife Educator who was the special guest.

The event was supported by prominent partners like The Shri Ram Universal School – SPR City, Mahindra & Mahindra, Atta Petta, Aachi Packaged Drinking Water, Buttons Cupcakes and Radio City 91.1. To learn more about Arise ‘n’ Shine and MyBeeClub, visit their site www.myarisenshine.com and mybeeclub.myarisenshine.com.

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Inspiring 11 year old Bhavana Madini from Long Island, NY – National Spelling Bee Finalist!

Bhavana Madini who was among the Top 51 finalists for the National Spelling Bee held recently at Washington DC was in Chennai for few weeks.

Arise ‘n’ Shine, one of the leading educational enterprises in the country invited Bhavana as a guest speaker to share her journey with the primary students at Anna Adarsh, one of the schools where Arise ‘n’ Shine provides an integrated English and Emotional Intelligence program for the students. ‘As part of student learning and development, we create platforms for students from foreign countries to share their stories, challenges and engage inside the classrooms.’ says Raj Ganesh, CEO of Arise ‘n’ Shine.

Bhavana is a resident of Long Island, New York. ‘The whole journey started when she was little.’ said Arul Arasu, Bhavana’s mother. Her first grade teacher was the first to identify her skills. Bhavana won the prize in almost all the spelling events in her community. She won the classroom bee, school spelling bee and she also competed with all the spelling bee champions from Long Island. Bhavana also wrapped up the top prize at the Regional Spelling Bee and moved on to make it to the National Spelling Bee.

Bhavana had to learn about 70,000 words. She spent about 4-6 hours a day to improve her language skills, vocabulary and etymology. She does a lot of reading. There were times when Bhavana was tempted to give up looking at the intensity of the preparation and the sacrifices she had to make. Every time she felt demotivated, she would think about the road travelled and the little milestones she achieved along the way. Today she is on the top 51. She is determined to travel further to get to the finals and to win the national title.

This 11 year old prodigy’s speech about her journey with the National Spelling Bee inspired both the students and the teachers. ‘If you have a goal and plan a schedule around your goal with a little bit of hard work, you can go farther than you can imagine’, says Bhavana to the students. After hearing Bhavana’s speech, few students came forward and shared their excitement.  Grade 5 student Akshaya Shree said, ‘Bhavana speaks beautiful English. I want to speak with confidence like Bhavana.’ When you create such a platform for your students, it can pay multiple dividends. Yashika, another grade 5 student animated her feelings, ‘I want to be in the news like Bhavana. I will work hard to improve my English skills.’ You never know, both Akshaya Shree and Yashika can be our next news in the upcoming months as Bhavana has stirred their heart and mind to achieve greatness.

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Ace Speller Darshik Spells His Way To Become The Exemplary Child of 2019!

“Why do I have to learn spelling words?” This is a question most children ask during their schooling. Many children struggle with spelling words and the repetition of practicing the words over and over doesn’t seem to help. This leads many children to become frustrated and to giving up. Learning spelling words is important to a child’s future. It helps lay the basic foundation that children will need throughout their education and life. Read how ace speller Darshik made it through and achieved the title “Exemplary Child of 2019” in Little Speller at the WhizzKid Challenge!

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Siddharth – The WhizzKid!

Extra marks for good handwriting! Sounds familiar? Improving children’s penmanship, legibility, pencil grasp, and speed are all important things that need to be addressed, especially in today’s techno-literature world where children can operate computers before they can read. Beyond just exams and classwork, writing is an essential form of communication in daily life. For K Siddharth; good handwriting is his signature skill that was nurtured over time and that’s how he went on to bag the title; The Exemplary Child of 2019 in the Junior Penmanship at the WhizzKid Challenge!

 Siddharth was known by others as an outstanding student at MCC Matriculation Higher Secondary School. However his challenges with handwriting, specifically in learning cursive, understanding line concepts, and achieving speed seemed to require the need for intervention. His parents, Kamal and Manjusha brought him to MyBeeClub with a hope to enhance his handwriting and speed. His teachers were amazed to see his progress; he was a quick learner. All it took was one level, a caring instructor, some practice and there he found himself with not just better, but efficient handwriting and he gained control over his speed too! Manjusha is happy that Siddharth can now get his great ideas down on paper beautifully and going from sloppy to skilled is no normal feat.

 On bagging this win, Mrs. Revathy Bonns; Principal and Correspondent of MCC Matriculation Higher Secondary School shares “We are really proud to have MyBeeClub at our school. It boosts children’s self-confidence and makes them winners in life! We are really proud to know our children have done really well at WhizzKid Challenge and emerged winners. More than the trophies, I thank the team for the personality development they have imparted in the children.”

 This unique platform ‘WhizzKid Challenge’ was created as an equal opportunity for the 80% children who are typically left unnoticed in a school environment and also for the 20% smart learners. The challenge created by MyBeeClub, a USA based educational enterprise, saw over 4000 students participating from 40 centers and schools. It served as a great stage for students to showcase their skills.

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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurship – Muthuselvi’s Magic Recipe

What is my goal? What am I all about? Ask yourself and keep coming back until you find answers that say ‘This is who I am’. Every small decision of yours adds power to your ultimate goal. The woman entrepreneurs of today are exploring multiple territories fearlessly. They possess intellect and rampant enthusiasm to make a difference with their ideas and generate employment for many. On Women’s Day we bring you the journey of a Women Edupreneur, Muthuselvi, Center Director of MyBeeClub Avadi, who set a benchmark within a month of starting.

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Newest MyBeeClub Center bestowed with WhizzKid Exemplary Child Award!

Iniya from MyBeeClub Avadi was so committed in improving her communication that she never missed her classes. Backed by her parents and the franchise owner Muthuselvi, a passionate educator and entrepreneur, Iniya showed good progress and tasted victory soon. The new center stands example for an incredible success story. A story that is a head start to Iniya’s dream to be a doctor someday.

There are no shortcuts in life, definitely no shortcuts to learning English. Storytelling can inspire children to learn the language better because stories are a reservoir of imagination. Verbal expressions and enactment can add flavour to the creation.

The WhizzKid challenge created by MyBeeClub, a USA based educational enterprise, saw over 4000 students participating from 40 centers and schools. Iniya bagged the ‘Exemplary Child’ title in the ‘Tiny Storyteller’ category.

As Iniya rightly said, ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’. Her story about a little boy from the book “You can win” by Shiv Kera wowed the jury. She was evaluated for her fluency, body language, confidence, grammar and excellent vocabulary. Here’s how Iniya’s Mother weaved her magic, ‘I let Iniya choose her own reading material, and I never scoff her choice. Making her time at home self-directed was one of the simplest ways to inspire her to love reading’.

On clinching the win, Muthuselvi shared her excitement stating, ‘Believe in yourself and there is nothing you cannot accomplish, Iniya is the testimony’. Yes, believe in yourself and don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable. This holds true for Iniya and MyBeeClub Avadi as well!

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