MyBeeClub Purasawalkam Crosses 100 with Zero Marketing Budget!

Heading a dream lean team of 3 teachers and a nanny, the Center Director, Mrs. Sarika Manivanannan announced the news crossing 115 enrollments in just 5 months. They have more registrations in the pipeline. The corporate team visited the center to celebrate their success.

Mrs. Neha, a happy parent who joined us in the celebration took this picture. She said, ‘I have been sending my children since the time they’ve opened the MyBeeClub Purasawalkam center. I like the people and the program, there is a drastic improvement in my child’s communication.’ That was music to our ears.

Mrs. Sarika has trained her staff to be team smart. When we asked her about the recipe to reach 100+ enrollments, she said, ‘’We have zero marketing budget, and most of our conversions resulted from referrals through happy parents and our property owner, Mr. Sreepal.’’ Word-of-mouth advertising is important for every business, as each happy customer can steer dozens of new ones your way. I am sure as we read this success story, the questions that runs in our mind is, ‘How can I improve my word of mouth marketing?’ If you have satisfied parents, launch a referral program. People trust other people and their experience about a product or brand.

Mrs. Sarika is a recipient of ‘Paramount Award for Excellence’ and also one of the panelists of EDTalks Conference held in June this year. Congratulations Mrs. Sarika and team, Lakshmi, Nivetha, Nisha and Nanny Radha for your heart work. You are an inspiration to all of us!

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