Tamana Gulecha Unleashed her Full Potential on WhizzKid Challenge!

Sweaty hands, pounding heart, rapid breathing? It’s stage fright! According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. The fear of public speaking or glossophobia is a complex one to overcome. But Talking Champ Tamana Gulecha tricked her brain and stole the show on February 23rd at the WhizzKid Challenge by winning the title, ‘Exemplary Child of 2019’! She is a class eight student from Ewart Girls School who lacked courage and confidence before joining MyBeeClub.

Tamana, a talented girl with a great deal of hidden potential went through an intense transformation for the last 6 months with her MyBeeClub mentors. She dramatically improved and overcame her stage-jitters with an appropriate plan, constant practice and positive thinking. The WhizzKid jury evaluated Tamana for her confidence, body language, stance, voice modulation and her response to spontaneous questions. Her speech on ‘Women Safety in India’ left the entire audience speechless.

Anitha and Nitesh were proud parents hearing the good news about Tamana receiving the ‘Exemplary Child’ award! Tamana is now an inspiring role model to other children to overcome obstacles and live meaningful lives.

This unique platform ‘WhizzKid Challenge’ was created as an equal opportunity for the 80% children who are typically left unnoticed in a school environment and also for the 20% smart learners. The challenge created by MyBeeClub, a USA based educational enterprise, saw over 4000 students participating from 40 centers and schools. It served as a great stage for students to showcase their skills.

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Kindergarten student Sasha Vikram Bagged the Title ‘Exemplary Child’ in WhizzKid Challenge!

Sasha Vikram of MyBeeClub Valasaravakkam emerged as the winner of ‘WhizzKid Challenge – Season 1’ an exclusive platform to inspire students to showcase their talents. The challenge created by MyBeeClub, a USA based educational enterprise, saw over 4000 students participating from 40 centers and schools. From amongst 170+ students partaking in various categories, Sasha bagged the ‘Exemplary Child‘ title in the ‘Tiny Storyteller’ category held on February 23rd at Hotel JP – Golden Peacock, Chennai. The event was graced by Mr. Meghanath Reddy, IAS as the Chief Guest.

MyBeeClub Phonics program had ignited Sasha’s passion for books. She developed a strong reading foundation that established her comprehending skills. The WhizzKid jury evaluated Sasha for her free flow presentation, articulation, body language and voice quality. On clinching the win Mrs. Poorani Govindaswamy, Director of Valasaravakkam Center shared her delight by stating ‘Sasha is a complete Arise ‘n’ Shine and MyBeeClub Product’.

Sasha’s parents Sera Thomas and Vikram Sagar Ravi say ready for bed is the perfect time to read to your children. To help with your child’s linguistic development, this should become a daily ritual in your household. It helps improve their language skills, instills a love for reading and stirs their imagination. The cooperation from school and parents trust enabled Sasha to become a great performer. Once shy, Sasha is now an Exemplary Child.

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Pawsitive Pals: Nurturing A Child’s EQ – by Nivetha Raj

It was a long day at work. My incomplete To-do list got me thinking on my drive back home. I leaned against the window in exhaustion. When my car took a familiar turn, there was a sudden sense of joy inside of me. As I stepped into my home, I smiled wide as I saw this wet-nosed, silly, tail-wagging, furry creation looking at me in excitement. There he was, Tootsie; my pet pug who simply knew how to make my world a better place’, shares Nivetha Raj who is specialised in Counseling Psychology and an EQ coach. In this blog, Nivetha shares how having pets at home help nurture a child’s EQ in the most simplest and meaningful ways.

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Magic of Kindness in the Classroom – by Kiran Jha

On the third day of the class, her grandma asked me, ‘What magic did you do to  Ashana? In her entire day she waits till the clock strikes 3 pm to come to your class, she even spoke to her mom and shared lots about you.’ If you call kindness and empathy as magical, yes that is the magical experience we give to the children, says Kiran Jha, an educationalist, Director of Arise ‘n’ Shine and MyBeeClub, who runs her education center in Adyar, Chennai.

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Gadget Freak Turns Bookworm – 6 Year Old Hiba’s Story

Marooned on the sofa, transfixed to the screen, playing, twitching and punching as she furiously pushed the buttons, Hiba could not peel her eyes from the smartphone. Video games had invaded her life and weren’t leaving. Gaming is not kid’s play. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently added gaming disorder to its latest draft of the International Classification of Diseases, a highly regarded compendium of medical conditions.

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Breakthrough Success with English in 8 Weeks – Krishna’s Story

School can be a strange and uncertain environment to parents whose primary language is other than English. Though unable to bridge language barriers, parents feel the need to be part of a system which socializes their children. For many, education is viewed as their family’s path to success. Like parents everywhere, Krishna’s parents also wanted him to do well, yet felt uncertain about a language and culture that was different from their own.

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