Siddharth – The WhizzKid!

Extra marks for good handwriting! Sounds familiar? Improving children’s penmanship, legibility, pencil grasp, and speed are all important things that need to be addressed, especially in today’s techno-literature world where children can operate computers before they can read. Beyond just exams and classwork, writing is an essential form of communication in daily life. For K Siddharth; good handwriting is his signature skill that was nurtured over time and that’s how he went on to bag the title; The Exemplary Child of 2019 in the Junior Penmanship at the WhizzKid Challenge!

 Siddharth was known by others as an outstanding student at MCC Matriculation Higher Secondary School. However his challenges with handwriting, specifically in learning cursive, understanding line concepts, and achieving speed seemed to require the need for intervention. His parents, Kamal and Manjusha brought him to MyBeeClub with a hope to enhance his handwriting and speed. His teachers were amazed to see his progress; he was a quick learner. All it took was one level, a caring instructor, some practice and there he found himself with not just better, but efficient handwriting and he gained control over his speed too! Manjusha is happy that Siddharth can now get his great ideas down on paper beautifully and going from sloppy to skilled is no normal feat.

 On bagging this win, Mrs. Revathy Bonns; Principal and Correspondent of MCC Matriculation Higher Secondary School shares “We are really proud to have MyBeeClub at our school. It boosts children’s self-confidence and makes them winners in life! We are really proud to know our children have done really well at WhizzKid Challenge and emerged winners. More than the trophies, I thank the team for the personality development they have imparted in the children.”

 This unique platform ‘WhizzKid Challenge’ was created as an equal opportunity for the 80% children who are typically left unnoticed in a school environment and also for the 20% smart learners. The challenge created by MyBeeClub, a USA based educational enterprise, saw over 4000 students participating from 40 centers and schools. It served as a great stage for students to showcase their skills.

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