Ace Speller Darshik Spells His Way To Become The Exemplary Child of 2019!

“Why do I have to learn spelling words?” This is a question most children ask during their schooling. Many children struggle with spelling words and the repetition of practicing the words over and over doesn’t seem to help. This leads many children to become frustrated and to giving up. Learning spelling words is important to a child’s future. It helps lay the basic foundation that children will need throughout their education and life. Read how ace speller Darshik made it through and achieved the title “Exemplary Child of 2019” in Little Speller at the WhizzKid Challenge!

Darshik entered MyBeeClub as a shy child with little knowledge about letter sounds. His parents enrolled him into Phonics with the hope of improving his reading level. The progress that followed over a year was inspiring! Darshik’s ability to pronounce words improved with the fun activities and teaching that was centered on his learning style. Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. Regular practice and love for books instilled the skill of reading to an extent that he independently read his daily lessons at home. This transformation motivated his parents; Keerthana and Venkatesh. They noticed a timid child emerge as a confident learner who went on to steal the skit show on the big stage during his Annual Day! Darshik’s parents were on cloud nine as they witnessed their son overcome his challenges; they started spreading the word so other children could benefit too! This journey only got better as Darshik held up the “Exemplary Child of 2019” trophy as confetti shimmered down around him at the WhizzKid Challenge Finals!

There is a certain mystic element to how the children garnered such stellar spelling skills. “I had a wonderful opportunity and privilege to be invited as the Judge for the Little Speller Contest at WhizzKid Challenge. The atmosphere was charged and the energy was palpably positive as enthusiastic tiny tot’s participated across many categories vying for the title!” shares an excited Emily Thomas; Assistant Vice President – Learning & Development Exela Technologies who was on the WhizzKid Judging Panel.

Creating equal opportunity for the 80% children who are typically left unnoticed in a school environment and also for the 20% smart learners, this unique platform ‘WhizzKid Challenge’ has created a new niche. Hosted by MyBeeClub, a USA based educational enterprise, the event saw over 4000 students participating from 40 centers and schools.

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