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The human mind is very interesting, yet complicated. Every child is special, with unique combinations of abilities and needs that affect learning. Children are unique. They are individuals and no two children are alike: physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. All children deserve the opportunity to learn in ways that make the most of their strengths. That is why it is important to identify each child’s potential and learning pattern and develop strategies to nurture that, instead of trying to urge children under a conventional pattern.

Foundation Programs

At My Bee Club, we take a scientific approach to understand the learning styles of each child and the way their brain functions using cognitive psychology. There are three types of learning styles based on sensory perception; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. We perform individual assessment to gain insight into areas that the child needs to be nurtured and maximise learning using cognitive science

Overall Outcome for Your Children

Positive attitude and passion for learning

Nurture curiosity and intellectual development

Instill confidence and self-esteem

Improve concentration and study habits

Develop effective communication

Motivation to learn on their own

Teamwork and Leadership skills