Breakthrough Success with English in 8 Weeks – Krishna’s Story

School can be a strange and uncertain environment to parents whose primary language is other than English. Though unable to bridge language barriers, parents feel the need to be part of a system which socializes their children. For many, education is viewed as their family’s path to success. Like parents everywhere, Krishna’s parents also wanted him to do well, yet felt uncertain about a language and culture that was different from their own.

Krishna began school unprepared to meet its academic expectations. The transition from home language (Telugu) to school language was complicated enough for him who had never encountered English earlier. The unaddressed readiness gap became a precursor to his continuing low achievement. Fear of the language made him slip into the “fight or flight” mode.

Krishna’s mom found assistance through MyBeeClub’s Reading and Communications Program at the age of 5 to help him master the language better. The initial transformation took place in just 8 weeks say the teachers. We found a way to forge his own success by understanding his Emotional Quotient (EQ) and identifying his Learning Style as Kinesthetic. It altered the ability to understand better and helped us in finding ways to communicate with him. Krishna discovered his inner strength. He is now 8 years old and takes interest in correcting his 13 year old cousin’s grammar politely. “The teachers have always been kind to me. They have taught me how to think in English” shares an elated Krishna.

Hiding in the closet seldom works. Your child doesn’t have any challenges, they are just developmental milestones. They need to be nurtured according to their unique needs. This simple concept will change your child’s world.

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    1. That is absolutely right Sudhir. Teachers create a conducive environment for learning and development through the positivity and enthusiasm they spread. Children always remember how they were taught more than what they were taught. Thank you for reading!

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