From Writer to Narrator – 6 Year old Nathan’s Story!

Writing is more than just putting words on paper. It is an important stage in communication. As parents we tend to forget that writing is a complex cognitive task. It requires putting to use a variety of mentally and physically demanding skills all at once.

Many students are reluctant writers. They frown and move slowly when we say “it’s time for writing”. Nathan too was labelled one by his teacher who never knew the real reason. It was a tough task with shaky hands getting in the way of this little cherub. The mastery of this skill appeared impossible and the fear seemed to elevate, recalls Nathan’s Mom. “He was 3.5 years when I joined him in MyBeeClub’s drawing class. Within 2 weeks, his pencil grip had improved and the shaky hands were long gone. Never thought drawing could help improve his writing skills”

Nathan was an Auditory Learner. He was constantly encouraged to draw pictures which helped organize his visualization skills which led to improvement in his writing.  Through interactive based learning, he developed his vocabulary and grammar skills, learning to read simple words and sentences, improved his fluency of speaking. He was given specific EQ activities during the course of the program which helped him come out of his shell. He even went on to become a narrator in a stage play.

Nathan was enrolled into different MyBeeClub programs over a span of two years. Each level of the program brought in a desirable change. “I could see a remarkable transformation in his confidence level, be it interacting with people or performing on stage”, shares his Mom.

So be empathetic to your children. Encourage your child to try new things by letting them know you’re there to help. By offering repeated fun experiences with a variety of activities, you will see forward progress over time. And be reassured by the fact that many kids who are slow to pick it up become avid readers and writers in the future.

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  1. I would like to know if my bee club offers any weekend program or summer camps. Weekday programs are difficult for working parents to manage.

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