Bitten by the Reading Bug – 4 Year Old Sasha’s Story

Have you ever seen a child hunched over a book, giggling all by themselves? When you look closely, you’ll notice the expression of their feelings while reading – smiles during funny parts or frowns and tension during the exciting and anxious parts. I think it is a clear indication of reading and comprehending.

Study shows one in two Indian students can’t read books meant for three classes below. The proportion of Class V children who can read a Class II level is 47.8%. This report is extremely disappointing.

In the first six years, children learn at a much faster pace than at any other time in their lives. If we come out of the curriculum routines and implement a structured learning system around each child’s learning style and emotional quotient (EQ), we can bring in massive transformation.

Here is the transformation story of 4 year old Sasha Vikram who is studying in UKG. Sasha couldn’t read. Her parents wanted to develop her reading skills to help her achieve better at school. To give her the best possible exposure, they joined her in the MyBeeClub Reading Program.

As an auditory learner, she showed extraordinary sensitivity to letter sounds, loved story telling sessions and comprehended greatly! The program helped her to decode and spontaneously read words. Active learning through interaction, pictures, role play and games facilitated by the teachers helped her transform in a short period of time.

By igniting her passion for books and reading, she developed a strong reading foundation that was about to lead to a lifetime of literacy. Her ability to look at written words and process the meaning or ideas behind them gave her the comfort to read short story books with ease.

With incredible decoding skills and a curious mind-set to know-it-all, she has now become a voracious reader. Sasha can now read, comprehend and converse effectively. Her nose is constantly in a book; she giggles, smiles, and empathizes while reading them.  

Sasha is now ready to take her life forward. The good news is you can develop your child’s interest towards reading in as early as their kindergarten age. Now Sasha wants to attain another skill; beautiful handwriting.  Let’s wish her good luck.

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