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The two things that both motherhood and entrepreneurship have in common are: they ain’t 9-5 jobs; there will be late nights and early mornings. Now if you take the word entrepreneur and put it on a treadmill and hit the button, you would get Uma Rammohan.

Born in a business background with a dream to lead a team and achieve heights, she is an inspiration to moms everywhere who want to pursue having their own business. Currently spearheading Arise ‘n’ Shine Salem Center, Uma started as a Partner of Salient Springs and managed its finance efficiently.

“When I had my little daughter I continued working from home and when she entered preschool, I started exploring what better I could do. Being a parent, I felt there was no proper foundation building program which gave a hygienic ambience to children. When I saw that Arise ‘n’ Shine had it all, I was very excited.”

Running a business is no piece of cake. But that’s what makes it feel so good when you do become a success. “Connect with people emotionally and prioritize what’s more urgent and more important. Then it’s easier to tackle business challenges” shares Uma.

Uma didn’t exclude her family and little girl from any part of the entrepreneurial process who are very supportive in running her school. “I know what I do is for all of us. I developed my child’s foundation and then moved to my passion so that both are safe and secure. I am ‘all in’,” says Uma who is both a positive role model and an interactive mother.

Teams changed, children moved but her confidence and positive attitude to transform children is moving up the ladder because her passion has always dictated her path forward. An award recipient of Role Model Center, 2 years in a row, she is proud to be a Mompreneur. Isn’t it fascinating to hear from Mompreneurs who have jumped on the entrepreneur ship after having a child? For now, I simply hope that this message inspires you to never quit.

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