Empowering Mompreneurs | Fostering Women Entrepreneurship!

It is becoming increasingly clear that women are, and will continue to be the powerful drivers of economic development. When women are empowered to make an income, accumulate assets and increase their economic security, they spur economic growth by creating new opportunities. There is increasing recognition that women entrepreneurs are the new engines for sustainable growth and rising stars of economies.

For many women entrepreneurs, the task of building a business mixed with family demands and community involvement leads to a bit of overwhelm, but through delegation, women are utilizing tools and resources to create life balance while making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. If we want women in entrepreneurship, we need to empower mompreneurs. Raj Ganesh, CEO of Arise ‘n’ Shine International had candid interviews with few successful women entrepreneurs. The beautiful thing about these mompreneurs is that they each balance their work and time at home with their children.

Learn from talented motivated mom business owners who are just like you. There will be series of interviews featuring mompreneurs in the next few days in celebration of Mothers’ Day. Please stay tuned!

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