Mompreneur – Geetha Sureshbhaabu | Capitalizing on ones own Motherhood

You might be a mom, if you’ve just locked the gate and realized you left your lunch upstairs. If you’ve reached office and found your phone on low battery, you could be a mom. If you already started planning on day one of the month to take that ONE casual leave, you’re definitely a working mom. Mother is the most complex role and when she is an entrepreneur, take a bow!

Meet Geetha Sureshbhaabu, the Director of Arise ‘n’ Shine International Preschool Neelankarai Center and a mother of two lovely daughters. With an M.A. in Yoga and training at the World class Personal and Professional growth training and development company, she loves empowering others to be the best version of them. She likes to spend as much time as possible fulfilling that passion, which is easier said than done.

From client meetings to bedtime stories, she takes pride in her every day. Starting a business, employing people and serving the society has been her biggest dream.

“Being a mom and a busy professional, every day is a new adventure with new challenges and new rewards. But thanks to my family, especially my husband who supports me in this expert-level juggling act. I want my girls to be independent and self-sustaining like me. Much of my decision-making comes as I put myself in their shoes. My kids helped me find myself again.”

So ladies, put down that laundry basket and save the closet cleaning for another day. Take time to think what drives you. As Geetha rightly says “There is no easy or difficult path if you want to make a difference. Choose the path where you laid the road so as to say a story. Have faith in you and others around you.”

An active member in her community, Geetha has transformed the lives of many children through her preschool, kindergarten and club programs. An award recipient of Franchisee of the Year, she is proud to be a Mompreneur!

Watch out for more inspiring stories from Mompreneurs who found that one thing that puts a sparkle in their eye.

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