Mompreneurs | The Truth About Work Life Balance

Now that the truth is out, I proudly cite “Mothers Rock”. Wondering who this is? Ahem, I am Swathi, I hold multiple identities too, Mommy, graphic designer, a rookie poetess and now a blogger too. Did I hear someone say WOW! Let’s just call me WowMom, all praises to my Boss who calls me Creative *wink*.Let me start off with a saying – The hand that rocks the cradle can rule the world. Sounds clichéd huh but it is true never the less. Now when you think success you may imagine high-powered, suit-and-tie wearing entrepreneur.

However, there is this one other type often overlooked despite having incredible skills and ability to take on more tasks than most workers can handle. I am talking about us, Moms.

In a world of gender land mines I declare that Women make better entrepreneurs than men. Because when it comes to entrepreneurship, mom’s come with a ton of transferable skills like multi-tasking, managing a budget, getting creative, thinking outside the box, being proactive and problem solving. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, but I am just saying you to not look at your mom status as a setback. Just because it is a challenge, does not mean it is not possible.

So, to help you out, we have put together a series of true matriarchs who are a part of this curious bunch. We hope these Mompreneur stories inspire you to keep pushing, keep proving and keep doing the impossible. Starting tomorrow you will hear from some talented motivated mom business owners who are just like you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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