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Moms wear many hats. Donning the entrepreneurial hard hat means adding another responsibility to your ever-evolving tasks. Poorani Govindasamy, Director of Arise ‘n’ Shine Valasaravakkam chose to don this hat with a kid on her hip.

“My child was 2 ½ years old when I was approached to be her preschool teacher. Having worked as a chip designer at IBM, I had my doubts if I could perform well.”

Trying to balance between a career and child for 4 months showed her how much more productive she had become compared to her pre-mom self. Just as things were looking up, her supportive spouse suggested on adding the self-proclaimed “preneur” title to her superhero “mom” status. Like light at the end of the tunnel stood this company with the most professional, friendly, encouraging  and supportive people. Now she is a proud franchise partner of Arise ‘n’ Shine International.

“In this education business, it is all about the trust parents place in us to show visible transformation in their children. It is more than just doing justice for that every penny they pay. It is about the crucial years of laying a strong foundation that’s laid in our hands by parents.”

Poorani always pulled ahead her competitors in business. She put her customer first, valued them as human beings and not mere data points. An award recipient of Role Model Center, she is proud to be a Mompreneur.

Motherhood is the best preparation for entrepreneurship, it teaches you multi-tasking, patience, planning for the day, prioritizing and much more. As a mother myself, I tell you this: Being a mother actually qualifies you more to become a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t get caught up with the things you have to do that overtime you forget about the things you like to do. Let your creative juices flow, plod through your biggest challenge and step out to build your empire. After all, a happy mom equals a happy family.

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