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Women are starting companies at an unprecedented rate, increasingly becoming family breadwinners, and accumulating massive wealth. They strive to inspire, motivate and entertain their team, investors and clients.

Here’s another mompreneur who rolled up her sleeve and went for it. Having two children, set completely new priorities in her life. Her “why” suddenly became clear and strong. “Life is all about what you give. As parents, we want to create the best future for our children. Though I had a great passion towards my profession, I took time to plan everything before I launched our first brand” shares Manju Maniprakash, owner of Minaliya Fashions, named after her daughter who was a student of Arise ‘n’ Shine.

Finding a system that works between naps and meals is difficult, you can’t just wing it. If you want to maintain sanity, you need to have a plan for everything. It is a crucial part of being a working mom. “As a mom, we know that we have a ton of planning that needs to be done to make each day successful. From our morning routine to the last light out, staying organized can help you more on your time management. All practical difficulties should be taken into account which helps for a smoother execution.” Being balanced, planning accurately and the right execution drove her passion engine towards success.

In the constant dance of balance, Manju says her kids have skilled her with a lesson or two. “Handling my kid’s and answering their questions has taught me several new things and I would say I am still in my learning phase.”

In trying to make the world a happier place for her children, one led quite naturally into the other. Now she has set a change in herself, her family and is happy to see the magic spreading all over. After taking a plunge into the News media and Television industry, she is all set for a new venture for her little one too. Small steps over time can still make a big difference if you are doing something that brings you pure and unadulterated joy.

So mommies look for things that fill your spirit and soul. Don’t lose sight of it. Your balance will tip now and then, but you need to readjust and pull it back to the center. You will learn to perfect from your mistakes, gain experience with practice, and then with creativity you will turn out to be skilled.

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